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Welcome to Sparta

We want to welcome you to Sparta, please feel free to enjoy our southern hospitality as we welcome you to our little town. As fans of "In The Heat Of The Night" we hope you enjoy this site as much as we do. We hope you will sign up to be a subscriber to this site so that you can keep up with all things Heat.

This site is 100% fan based & supported.

billCarroll O'Connor As: Chief/Sheriff Bill Gillespie


Lt. Lonnie JamesonHugh O'Connor As: Lt. Lonnie Jameson

RIP BiggersDan Bigger As: Dr. Robb

ECC1739F6725642E95D36DB7F3BCHoward Rollins Jr. As: Det. Virgil Tibbs

6Lois Nettleton as: JoAnne St. John

Thursday, 13 April, 2017 15:20

2017 New Look Coming

Hello fellow heater fans. I have noticed in the past couple weeks that our little fan site is gaining followers. This is exciting as the newest buzz that I am familiar with is talks of the reboot. Don’t know if its going to happen as it appears to have fallen through back in 2014, so guess we will wait and see. Enough about that, I haven’t been on here much due to life obligations however I am planning a makeover of our little place here. I was sad that I did not get to attend the reunion last year as I heard that it was pretty awesome. The reunion in 2015 was a huge success. I hope there is one that I can actually get too, as it seems they are planned at times I am already booked up and can’t attend.

If you get the chance and find yourself in the area of Atlanta, take 30 minutes and drive east to Covington Ga AKA Sparta. It’s pretty awesome to see Sparta with your own eyes. Stop by the Visitors Center and visit filming locations. You won’t be disappointed I promise.

One thing that I have been thinking about is looking for another die hard heater fan to help out with the site. The old saying goes, two heads are better than one.

So in closing, keep up on the Heat knowledge and catch your favorite episodes on both WGN America & Get TV and keep visiting back as I will be starting the redesign soon.

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Visit Modern Day Sparta

Newton Clock TowerCheck out all that Sparta has to offer. Aka Covington Georgia, which is home to "Hollywood of the South". Several films as well as TV shows have been filmed in Covington. Check out their visitors center here