The show aired four made-for-television movies during the 1994-1995 season. This is considered to be the eighth season of the show. Each movie was two hours in length, making them equivalent to eight regular episodes. The movies were:

A Matter of Justice
Who was Geli Bendl?
By Duty Bound
Grow Old Along with Me (the series finale)

Series co-star Hugh O’Connor committed suicide 2 months before the series finale actually aired. When aired in its original, 2-hour format, there was a black screen in between the intro tag and the opening title, which read “In memory of Hugh O’Connor: 1962-1995”.

# Title Director Writer(s) Original airdate Production Code
143 “A Matter of Justice” Reza Badiyi Mitchell Schneider, John Ball, James Lee Barrett October 21, 1994
The daughter of a close friend of Forbes is murdered and the officers must prove that the deranged grandson of a retired judge is guilty.
144 “Who Was Geli Bendl?” Larry Hagman Carroll O’Connor December 9, 1994
A famous Italian actress returns to Sparta to take care of some unfinished business and rescue her younger sister from a life of drugs and poverty.
145 “By Duty Bound” Harry Harris John Ball, James Lee Barrett, Joe Gannon February 17, 1995
Acting Sheriff Gillespie must decide whether he should run for sheriff or retire from law enforcement. It soon becomes apparent that the other candidate is corrupt and dangerous.
146 “Grow Old Along With Me” Winrich Kolbe Cynthia Deming, John Ball, James Lee Barrett May 16, 1995
Series Finale. Ex-cop Tom Harwood’s happiness with his new bride is threatened by an old flame who sees an opportunity for blackmail.

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