Filming Locations

Here are several locations that was used in the show. It’s a real treat to google map these addresses and see what they look like now. You may also use the On Location Google Map as well
  1. Sparta courthouse & clocktower-1102 Clark St. Covington, Ga.
  2. Magnolia Cafe-1159 Monticello St. Covington, Ga.
  3. Tibbs home (house was gray!)-1108 Conyers. St. SW. Covington, Ga.
  4. African Zion A.M.E. Church-3146 Stone Mountain St. Covington, Ga. (“bottoms” area next door, including “King” the boxers house, has been torn down!)
  5. Legion Park-3121 Legion Dr. SE. Covington, Ga.
  6. Sparta High School-2942 Newton Dr. NE, Covington, Ga.
  7. Lisa’s house in “my name is hank” also Francine Miller’s house in “the littlest victim”-3160 Thompson Ave. Covington, Ga. (house was yellow!)
  8. In “brothers keeper” the intersection where Tyler’s car broke down at the beginning of the episode.- 1164 Hendrick St. SW Covington, Ga.
  9. DA. Darnell’s house in “an eye for an eye”-2152 Church St. Covington, Ga.
  10. The motorcycle chase with Bubba and Nick Crews in “the littlest victim” ended at this intersection.-6155 Hopkins St. NE, Covington, Ga.
  11. Nathan Bedford’s house across from Legion Park in “sweet sweet blues”-3113 Conyers St. SE, Covington, Ga.
  12. The rape victim, Audrey Moore, in “accused” lived here! If you turn the “streetview” down the hill you will see what is left of the foot-bridge used in a lot of episodes.-3126 Corley St. NW Covington, Ga.
  13. While you are there, next door is Joe Neffin’s parents house, the house where Jamerson reached in the window and got a picture out in “ruda’s awakening!”-3118 Corley St. NW Covington, Ga.
  14. Clyde Thompson got pulled over for a DUI in the Jeep, from the episode “last rights.” The intersection is here.-2156 Conyers St. SE Covington, Ga.
  15. The Mill “private sessions” & “gunshots”- porterdale mill lofts, porterdale, Ga. The mill is also used in the motion picture “prisoners!”
  16. Sparta Methodist Church-1111 Conyers St. SW. Covington, Ga. (across from Tibb’s home!)
  17. Harriett DeLong’s home-3156 Floyd St. Covington, Ga.
  18. In the episode “private sessions,” Rebecca Lewis’s home. The house has been remodeled, but the graveyard across the street gives it away!-Wheat St. & Mill St. NE, Covington, Ga.
  19. In the episode “the landlord,” the white mansion where Keen Philbrick and Chrissy Rice were found murdered in the back seat of the Lincoln. -1176 Reynolds St. SW. Covington, Ga.
  20. In the episode “the landlord,” Newborn’s Gas and grocery where Ed works.-Hwy 229 & N. Johnson St. Newborn, Ga. The filling station has been torn down, and a top porch added to the building across the street.
  21. The house where Henry shot Ron DuBois in “leftover man” (house has a small yellow sign in the front yard.)- West St. & Eberhardt St. NW, Covington, Ga.
  22. The Gentry mansion in “leftover man”-2204 Monticello St. SW, Covington, Ga.
  23. The crack house that was used in the episodes “a small war.”-2131 Conyers St. SW Covington, Ga.
  24. Sparta Federal Savings Bank used in “a trip upstate,” and “family reunion” to name a few.-1120 Clark St. SW Covington, Ga. The bank is next door to the Courthouse and clocktower (BB&T).
  25. The episode “first girl” the place where Parker picked up Chris at the bus stop. The bench he was leaning on is now missing.1130 Floyd St. NE Covington, Ga.
  26. The episode “fifteen forever” The house where Bubba accidently put the car in drive and knocked down the garage door to see was the car he was looking for was there.-4107 Elizabeth St. NE Covington, Ga.
  27. Pace Cars garage in “a correct setting”-2125 Clark St. SW. Covington, Ga.
  28. In the episode “vengeance” The mini mart (Chevron) where Bubbas girlfriend worked (Nally’s Never Close).-2136 Washington St. SW Covington, Ga.
  29. Harriett DeLong’s sister Natalie’s house “citizen trundell”-2194 Brown St. Covington, Ga.
  30. In the episode “crackdown,” the house that was raided and Sgt. Sweet was taken hostage-3227 Conyers St. SE Covington, Ga.
  31. The McGuffy House-947 Railroad St. NW. Conyers, Ga.
  32. Pinkney’s Auto Sales, “falsely accused”(no cars on the lot!)-2122 Pace St. Covington, Ga.
  33. Newton General Hospital-4181 Tate St. Covington, Ga.
  34. “a final arrangement” Tibbet’s bookstore-Railroad St. & Center St. Conyers, Ga. (building by the do not enter sign, it really is a bookstore, looks like it’s for sale if you want to buy it!).
  35. Chief Gillespie’s new house-2144 Monticello St. SW. Covington, Ga.
  36. Church where Keen Philbrick was stabbed in the episode, “the landlord”-3102 Washington St. SW. Covington, Ga.
  37. Lawyer Epp’s office-1108 Church St. Covington, Ga. (Remax)
  38. “first girl” The railroad crossing where the Chief & John found the guy in the caboose. You will see the yellow railroad station on the right, however the caboose is now missing.- Green st. SW & Center St. Conyers, Ga.
  39. Harriett DeLong’s Art Studio Apt.-1176 Washington St. Covington, Ga.
  40. “the Kid” was picked up by the police and put in the car along with his delivery bike, “deadly affection”-5184 Wheat St. NE Covington, Ga.
  41. “hello in there” The bank where Daryl Tyler worked.-2136 Washington St. SW Covington, Ga.
  42. Mason’s Dixieline Bar -5115 Floyd St. NE. Covington, Ga.
  43. Charlene Ross’s house in “lessons learned” is located across the street from the building used for Mason’s Dixieline Bar!-5110 Floyd St. NE. Covington, Ga. In the episode you can see the building, without make-up, when Parker discovers the cut screen door!
  44. Sparta Herald “child’s play”-1158 Monticello St. SW. Covington, Ga.
  45. Gallery on the Square (Coldwell Banker) is used in the episode “your own kind.” This building was also used as Earl Colmer’s Jr’s. store in the episode “odessa.”-1018 Washington St. SW. Covington, Ga.
  46. Newton county Sheriffs office-1126 Stallings St. NW Covington, Ga. (where is deputy Surillo? She can arrest me anytime!!)
  47. The school used in the episode “give me your life,” The Church of the Celestial Influence!-6128 Collins St. NE. Covington, Ga. Wait a minute…didn’t the church explode in the episode?? Computer graphics is a wonderful thing! By the way, while you are here…turn the camera around and you will see the water tower with “SPARTA” still painted on it “hatton’s turn!” This is the tower Hatton was supposed to have climbed?

Google Map of Filming Locations